User Guide

How to get the best out of Codex Edge...

Be precise and demanding! Using the Codex Edge service you have immediate access to the whole of the market so specifying exactly who you need will ensure that, if they exist, you will see them. The service combines the best of technology with trained human analysis to deliver results which meet your actual need rather than those that are merely descriptive of a skill-set.

A. Select your result requirements


You are the best judge of how many appropriate candidates you and the hiring partners may need to see. For niche positions one pool of candidates will probably be sufficient; you can always order another if needed. For highly competitive areas or bulk hires two or more pools may best meet your needs.

Selecting “Qualified Leads” at the outset will mean that you only ever need to interact with candidates who have expressed a willingness to discuss joining the firm with you saving you time, money and inconvenience. Should you prefer, you may elect to only receive the data – you can always come back with a later request for the qualified leads service should you wish.

For large and detailed market data or long term pipelining services we will discuss the nature and extent of service required and agree a cost and timeline with you before commencing the work.

B. Select your result filters


1 PQEs. Choose a PQE range or a selection of ranges, from 1 to 10+ and Partner.

2 Practice area verticals. Drag to rotate the lower dial. The foremost selection will be highlighted. The content of the middle dial will also change in context to each vertical.

3 Practice area. Drag to rotate the middle dial and select a specific practice area within the chosen vertical.

4 Firm rankings. Click the buttons on the upper dial to select a range of firm ranks. Drag to rotate the dial and make further options visible.

5 Firm lists. The firms with candidates that match you settings are listed here. Clicking on specific firm names will filter the results to just the selected firms. If there are many firms listed, a scroll icon will appear to enable the list to be dragged up and down.

6 Search button. This will apply the current settings and then scroll the page down to a brief summary of your search criteria. Note: the search is not committed at this point. (See D. below)

C. Add notes/comments related with your search requirements

Please add in this box any specific needs of the role not otherwise specified: this can be anything you wish that is required to meet the needs of the role. If you prefer you can simply drag and drop a word or pdf job specification into this space. You can always call your account manager to discuss any additional needs.

D. Summary and search submission

Before committing to the use of a pool please read and check the search parameters you have selected; when happy please click the “Submit Search” button and we will get to work and deliver your results within 24 hours!