Q1. How do you keep the records up to date?

Your account manager is part of a team that manually monitor, track and update our records on a daily basis. We operate an internal review and proofing process that leads to a monthly update of all records.

Q2. How can we be sure that we are seeing the best candidates for each role?

We want our clients to enjoy regular direct hiring success; so the selection of each pool is carefully performed to ensure that you always see the best the market has to offer. The Verify and Veto stage ensures that contact is only ever made with people you would wish to hire.

Q3. What happens if we submit a search in error?

We will take a common sense approach to this and credit the pool concerned.

Q4. We need more pools than are available under our current subscription level what is the best way to address this?

Where this is because of a short term hiring spike it will make more sense to buy the additional pools as required: should you have a predictable need for more pools it would make financial sense to increase your level from say Bronze to Silver subscription levels to meet that need.