The Modern Approach to Direct Sourcing

Codex Edge was built to make direct legal recruitment simple, quick and inexpensive. Does it work? A few twists of the “lens” or simply entering your requirements in the “free text” box gets the process started. The lesson we learned from early users is that the greater the level of detail in the candidate request,… View Article

Like for Like

LIKE FOR LIKE Generally, organisations do not scientifically value people by their contribution to the organisation – they pay them what they think they have to pay them. As the BBC has found, when shorn of all context, the difficulty with reporting on pay is that the numbers become the headline. Basing what you pay… View Article

Law Firm HR as a Profit Centre

Lateral recruitment is brutally expensive and time consuming. HR departments in law firms spend several million pounds each year on administration, advertising, legal recruiters and candidate filtration. Delivering substantial and lasting savings the Codex Edge solution has been designed to cut through the noise and add to the bottom line. The diffuse and uncertain approach… View Article