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We are a technology company that blends human processing power with machine learning to transform disordered and undefined data into coherent, searchable and rigorous maps of information that can be easily interpreted. United in a single mission to build technology to enhance our power of analysis and research when it comes to Lawyers and the Legal Market.

United in a single mission to transform talent data into information that can be searched and segmented to fit your needs.

Until Codex Edge, Recruitment companies, Professional Service Firms, Consultancies and Law Firms spent days researching talent data and often re-researching it to ensure its accuracy and to add context. This inefficiency meant slower processing time, which meant more time was spent on finding candidates rather than placing them, therefore, ultimately this was costing the businesses more money. We have changed this.

The opportunities with Codex Edge are limitless. Although you can spend days trawling the vast internet yourself for information, you can rest assured that our team at Codex Edge and our proprietary technology have already done the market mapping for you and are keeping it updated daily. This means that it does not matter whether the prospect has moved jobs in recently or now has different contact information or relocated to a different city because we are always keeping our information up-to-date.

There is no shortage of data sources for talent, but all of them have the same problem, it is disorganised, outdated and is dispersed across the internet. We provide the most accurate, precise and flexible source of talent information within the Legal Sector. We will carry on embracing technological innovation by continually expanding and improving the capabilities of our tech, but in order to make informed decisions that technology cannot, we will always maintain professional human intervention at the core of everything we do.


where talent search meets technology & human engineering

We are a SaaS company that blends human processing power with machine learning to transform disordered and undefined data into coherent, searchable and rigorous maps of information that can be easily interpreted.


To become the global platform of choice for finding talent information for all professional services by providing the most accurate, curated and up to date information that is instantly searchable using any criteria.


To develop technology that will allow us to grow into new markets, geographies and directions as we continue to blend the power of human processing with machine learning and AI to ensure the accuracy of our platforms.


To become an employer of choice by developing our people throughout their careers and offering training opportunities. Just like our technology, we want the people behind it to continue to learn and evolve.

Built by legal recruiters for The Legal Market.



ATLAS is a fully searchable index of qualified Lawyers. It allows recruiters to search for candidates by PQE, Practice Area, Specialism, Region, City and Firm Type. You can instantly generate a shortlist of candidates using specific criteria and click seamlessly through to their LinkedIn or Firm Profiles. Take on more jobs, arrange more interviews, recruit more lawyers and complete more challenging mandates quicker than ever before with ATLAS.


With our comprehensive, up to date and accurate data, ATLAS has become the go-to search platform with a fully comprehensive dataset across more than 12,000 firms including entire Legal 500, sub-legal 500, all US firms, boutiques, Big 4, ALF’s and In-House. Now more than ever, as we chart our way through an increasing candidate short market, the ability to find new lawyers accurately and easily has never been more crucial. 

With the ability to download lists into easy to use CSV or PDF files with live links and provide tailored PDF’s with additional info to present to Partners. Compare with your competitors and see where there are gaps in the market, or those lawyers looking for opportunities/between roles before anyone else!


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