CODEX EDGE - Our Charter


We contact lawyers directly to establish whether or not they would welcome a contact from our client’s internal HR Team

  • We are not a Recruitment firm
  • We do not discuss specific jobs
  • We only release contact details to our clients with the data subject’s consent
  • The data subject will always be told exactly who their details are being shared with
  • We do not share their details with any party other than the one specified

Acting in accordance with best practice under exiting and upcoming (GDPR) data protection legislation, our process offers total comfort that only the specific firm we mention will obtain the data subject’s contact details, and only with the data subject’s express consent.

Our Services


Instantly identifying relevant Lawyers, Atlas offers precise filtered and accurate talent maps with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Our intuitive lens system defines your search parameters through four options:

  • PQE range
  • Main Practice Area, e.g. Corporate & Commercial
  • Practice Specialism, e.g. Commercial Contracts
  • Firm rank, e.g. All Fir­ms; ranges such as 1-10 or US and Boutique firms

Plus you’ll receive an on screen ‘at a glance’ summary of:

  • The number of people with the desired skill set and the firms where they work
  • The remuneration for each firm specific to the PQE range you have selected
  • The entire market capacity in each service area
  • Whole-market data on PQE levels per skill

Atlas has been precisely designed to save you time, and money. The entire legal market is clearly mapped, is up to date, and selections are easy to filter through our innovative and intuitive interface


The process takes just a few clicks of a mouse to build a talent map. This is sent directly to our UK based team at Codex Edge, we contact the Lawyers on your map and identify those interested in speaking with you. The interested Lawyer’s full contact details are returned to you as part of our Engaged Talent Report (ETR) within 72 hours.

The Engaged Talent Report, in addition to full personal contact details of interested Lawyers, contains their written authorisation for you to contact them directly.

Our process combines technology and human interaction to elevate Atlas above the new “norm” of system driven research without impacting the speed of delivery.


With Atlas, the entire legal market is clearly mapped, is up to date, and selections are easy to filter through our innovative and intuitive interface.

Codex Edge has indexed, not only details of individual Lawyers, but also full salary data for all firms within your search range.

For recruitment, this allows hiring managers and partners to focus their search on candidates likely to accept an offer of employment. For salary review purposes, this service allows you to accurately benchmark your remuneration levels against your peers in just a few clicks.

We provide indicative salary ranges for all role types at all firms, which is far more comprehensive than a traditional salary survey.

Every feature of Atlas has been carefully designed to save you time, money and inconvenience. Giving you the information you want, the way you want it – fast.


With the details of every fee earner in every UK top 100, US and boutique firm available to you at the touch of a button, Atlas can quickly customise data to your requirements.

With Codex Edge working with you, you can:

  • Assess practice team size and leverage levels by department and by firm – so you can analyse your position against your main competitors, tracking fee earner movements in real time
  • Use the data to drive your succession planning – Atlas lets you identify skill and experience gaps before they impact your firm
  • Pipeline candidates for your whole practice – Atlas gives you a unique opportunity to build talent maps with insight into who to approach

Simply tell us what data you require and how you would like it presented, and we’ll work to provide it. The integrity of your data is paramount, so for each request we implement a series of checks to ensure the data presented is always up to the minute and specific to your requirements.


Over 40,000 Lawyers and counting, across the Top 100, Boutique and US law firms in the UK.

Atlas boasts one of the largest indices of Lawyers which, can be utilised in a compliant manner with current and upcoming data protection legislation.

The in-house research teams at Codex Edge continually update Atlas to ensure that the information is accurate.

The process goes far beyond trawling websites and social media. Instead, we include thorough analysis of both trade and non-trade publications, cultured networks of trusted “insiders” and a genuine interest in the legal market who’s who.